Burns’ Family Vacation–Trip to Mexico


Ken and Trudy Burns, my girlfriend’s parents, were kind enough to take the (extended) family on a trip down to Mexico. Let the adventures begin!

We stayed a the Gran Bahia Principe in the Mayan Riviera.




Starting from me (with the hat) and going clockwise: Joanne, Teresa, Elizabeth, Rose, Trudy, Ken, Peter, Hannah, Karly, Rosemary.

Having been to Cuba and Dominican before, I was used to having wildlife run rampant on the resorts. In Mexico, we saw plenty of lizards soaking up the sun around the resort. Rosey thought they might even taste good!


One of the highlights of the trip, was getting the opportunity to visit one of the wonders of the world: The Chichen Itza. Chichen Itza is the name of the area where the Mayan’s used to inhabit. The main feature of Chichen Itza is the pyramid of Kukulkan – seen below





On the way to Chichen Itza we also stopped to go swimming in a cenote; basically an underground flow of fresh water. The water was surprisingly warm and jam packed with fish (most of which seemed like catfish of some sort).




We found a McDonald’s there, and of course we had to go. Rosey has been trying to go to a McDonald’s in as many countries as possible.


There was plenty of entertainment, both at night and during the day. We went to Playa del Carmen were we went to Señor Frogs, a really fun bar with plenty of dancing staff. Some of the highlights of the entertainment:




And of course I got called up on stage again          

Most nights we went out for dinner as a group and had access to a number of À la carte restaurants throughout our stay. Sometimes we even d

ressed up!


Needless to say, the beach was incredible and no matter how much time you spend on it, it just doesn’t seem like it’s enough.


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