Mobile Wallet, Google Wallet. Finally!

mobile-wallet-google-wallet-logo_596x182Thank you Google! Many others like myself have been dreaming of a time when we need only carry one device to accomplish all that we wish to accomplish. It looks like that day has finally come – or rather, has begun to develop . . .

For a detailed description of Google Wallet, see this awesome blog post.

mobile-wallet-google-walletI have done away with the idea of a traditional wallet for quite some time already. My life was simplified when I discovered the ACM Wallet (see photo). You wouldn’t believe how often I get questions about my wallet because of how much more simple and cool it is than a traditional wallet. But for me, this wallet is a bump in the road, something to hold me over until something like the Google Wallet comes along.

Smartphones have already largely revolutionized the way we connect with others and interact with the world around us. They have taken everything from calculators, personal address books, calendars, games etc. and made it all accessible in one place – presumably always available, right in your pocket. However, you have probably still been carrying around an even larger object to take care of the rest of your needs – your wallet.

Google Wallet is the first attempt to bring everything together into your smartphone. Soon we will see the day when all we need is our phone to accomplish anything we want – perhaps even unlock our car doors! I personally cannot wait. The less I have to carry around the better (and the less that I am apt to forget). There are security concerns of course, but the wallet is password protected and encrypted and your physical wallet is not. ‘Nuff said.

Bring on Google Wallet!

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