Marketing, Technology And Business Podcasts

marketing-technology-business-podcastFor a while now I have been doing the occasional podcast with a good friend of mine, Shum. This blog post will serve primarily as easy access to the variety of podcasts I have been a guest on.

If you are interested in marketing, technology or business, I highly recommend checking our Shum’s website and listen to a podcast or two. If you are like-minded, I am sure he would love to have you on his podcast and likewise, I am always looking for guest bloggers.

To give you more of a background on what you can expect some common themes that are discussed are: Google, Apple, changing technology, noteworthy IPOs and acquisitions, social media and social networks, marketing campaigns etc.

    1. “An Additional Network”
    2. “iRevolution”” (with Andrew Baskerville)
    3. “Transparency Rules”
    4. A Sunday Evening Trio
    5. Channel Surfing
    6. Plus One
    7. Fools in the Cloud
    8. Thoughts About Tablets
    9. UBB and the Shift of Power

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