Internet Explorer [9] Sucks: Display Issues

internet-explorer-sucks!This could be an on-going topic as there is seemingly no end to the misery that is Internet Explorer (IE). Microsoft is one of the oldest software makers around – which is the cause of all of their problems. While modern software designers start from scratch with their work, adopting all the latest and greatest in advancements, Microsoft struggles to try and adapt their decaying software. It is abundantly clear that with each iteration of IE, Microsoft fails to adapt to modern standards and the user experience suffers greatly. Everyday IE users may be unaware of these issues if they have not experienced other browsers. If you use IE, give another browser a try. You may find that you have been looking at an entirely different web than everyone else.

I have long thought that Internet Explorer was the one of the worst pieces of software ever written, but what continues to baffle me is that Microsoft hasn’t given up on it. What we (users and especially us web designers) DESPERATELY need is for Microsoft to throw in the towel. Please! No more failed attempts to adapt. Microsoft, you have SO MUCH MONEY. Buy Firefox or something, I don’t care, just no more IE!

Forums are full of hatred towards IE. Some of the more patient web designers have found ways to work around this miserable browser to support it while others (like myself) stand mystified every time we create something that looks spectacular on every browser except IE. As the following example illustrates though; there’s not always a win.

Below you will see a screenshot of my company’s website that is being rendered improperly by Internet Explorer 9.


As you can see, there are clearly display issues. However, IE 9 allows you to view a site in compatibility mode which is supposed to rectify issues with IE 9. Only problem is, older versions of IE have their own problems:


What do I do??? Can I start a class-action lawsuit against Microsoft for pain and suffering? Let us all band together to not use IE and make it disappear (mostly this will require convincing technologically illiterate people that still use it).


Update: There is a simple solution to display issues in IE. Simply use the following meta tag on any pages displaying improperly to restrict how IE interprets the page: <meta http-equiv=”X-UA-Compatible” content=”IE=8″ />

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