The Male vs. Female Movie Spectrum

Guys, have you ever been dragged to a chick-flick before and wanted to rip your hair out? Girls, have you ever been dragged to a horror movie and then had to hide the fact that you peed your panties? Either way, it’s an uncomfortable situation. It is unfortunate that the sexes are often so divided on movie taste but I am here to outline the spectrum that divides us so.

Confusion - Young man scratching his head on whiteFemale: Chick flicks (romance)
female-chick-flickFemale-neutral: Romantic comedies
Neutral: Drama, Comedy
Male-neutral: Action
Male: Horror

Going out on a date? Try picking something from the neutral part of the spectrum.

Although there are certainly exceptions to the rule (some guys like chick flicks?), this spectrum generally describes the correlation between movie-type interest and gender.

What do you think? Accurate? Let me know in the comments below.


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