4 Reasons Google+ Should Die

I want to start by saying that I am a huge Google fan. I am a Gmail, AdWords, Google and a Google+ user among others. Despite loving Google’s services, I cannot wait for Google+ to die, and here’s why:


  1. There is too much division on the internet
    As I mentioned in my previous post “there is too much division on the internet”, I do not enjoy the fragmentation of services across the net. Although it is good for competition to have competing services, there is certainly a lot of value in having only a few go-to websites to satisfy all your needs. For google-wave-killedexample, since most people already have Facebook and are likely logged in at any given point in time, it would have been most convenient for users if Google to have incorporated a “like button” into their search results instead of their own +1 button. Rather than having to manage multiple social networks, it is much more convenient to have one central location for all of your friends and app connections.
  2. Google will likely kill it like it has its other mediocre products
    Google has a history of half-hearted efforts at social products. They just killed Buzz, their second attempt at social, as well as numerous other services (don’t forget Wave – whatever exactly it was . . .). Despite putting a lot more behind Google+ they may eventually give up on it like they have on so many of their other products. Why invest time building a profile on a service that may not be around for long? Don’t get me wrong, Google+ will be around for a long time (Google will not give up on it so easily and they have virtually limitless resources) but at the end of the day its popularity could still wane.
  3. Facebook Does Everything Google+ Does (mostly)
    It did not take Facebook long to introduce most of the same features as Google Plus, such as the ability to share posts with certain groups of friends and not others. It was good for Google+ to come along and get Facebook facing some competition to get them moving again, but now there really isn’t anything to use Google+ for. There are still some differentiating features but by enlarge, Facebook does most of what Google+ does in most areas, and even more in others.
  4. The Value of a Social Network are in its Connections
    Finally, when it comes right down to it, the most valuable aspect of a social network are the connections you google-buzz-killedhave on it. If only 10% of your friends are on Google+, then why use it when those same friends are already on Facebook and you can use it to keep in touch with them and everyone else?

Those are the reasons why I am hoping Google+ is headed for the grave of unwanted products. If it came out before Facebook, I would probably be hoping for Facebook’s demise, but it didn’t. Google Plus, you were late to the game and I like change, but not when it comes to my social network.


Thoughts? Leave them in the comments below.


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