Brand Shift: Achievers-Formerly I Love Rewards

Achievers, formerly I Love Rewards, a Canadian company based out of Toronto, has long since found a niche in the market, offering unique employee recognition and reward systems. Razor Suleman, Founder and CEO of Achievers, has earned numerous awards for the success of his business. They have found great success with the I Love Reward brand before becoming Achievers. I caught up with Rob Bianchin, Recognition & Engagement Professional, to find out why they went for the change.

What was the primary reason behind the name change?

We originally started as a rewards company and differentiated based on providing an extensive rewards catalog, online. But, when we asked customers what value we currently provided – it was software that helped increase engagement, change behavior, drive performance, and build a culture of recognition – not just rewards. Additionally, Achievers is aspirational – like us! It represents the values and philosophy that we use to help our customers every day to build great corporate cultures and Achievers.

Why was Achievers chosen? What message is it supposed to send?

Of all of the names that were brought to the table Achievers was selected as it provided a real representation of what our solutions focus on producing brand-shift-love-rewards-now-achieverstoday as well as in the future for the HR Marketplace. The common perception in the industry was that I Love Rewards was another “Rewards” company and that is the farthest things from where our focus is. Our mission is “to Change the Way the World Works” and being perceived as a rewards company would not help us achieve the necessary milestones to drive our business forward.

What is being done to ensure that reputation behind ILR is transferred to Achievers?

In terms of transferring the brand equity from I Love Rewards to Achievers there has been a detailed communication plan rolled out to inform our current clients, prospects and marketplace of the changes that were taking place. We communicated the change early to our customers at our Annual Customer Experience (ACE) conference, created email campaigns to notify our database and also engaged with a number of press outlets to get the word out into the industry. Moving forward, we will be heavily investing in marketing and events highlighting Achievers (formerly I Love Rewards) as represented in my signature below to strengthen the association until we are more established. Additionally, our plan is to expand in the United States, this was the perfect time to change our name because we do not have nearly the same brand recognition there that we have in Canada.

Achievers (formerly I Love Rewards) is passionate about employee rewards and Social Recognition. Their software helps engage employees and inspire performance globally.


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