V for Vendetta & The 5th of November Today

v-for-vendetta-guy-fawkesV for Vendetta has always been one of my favourite movies. I have watched it numerous times, despite not being particularly inclined to re-watching movies. Every year I celebrate the 5th of November by watching it, but never has the movie seemed as relevant as this year.

It seems to me like this year is the year of the protest. Whether it’s about money or freedom – people are not happy. Government’s around the world are coming under fire for a variety of reasons, making the underlying themes in V for Vendetta particularly relevant this year.

The movie is a story about taking back the freedoms we deserve from an oppressive government. We all witnessed a real-life version of this story a short while ago, as Libya freed itself from its oppressive dictator Gaddafi.

Remember remember, the 5th of November

These issues exist close to home as well with many thousands of people taking to the streets to oppose the greed that has taken hold in North America. I am referring, of course, to the Wall Street protests. The messages and situation are very different but the theme remains the same – people standing up for the greater good.It is always inspiring to see people hard at work looking out for each other and society as a whole. v-for-vendetta-5th-of-november

V for Vendetta specifically speaks to a state run of out of control – much like the recent attempt to allow online spying here in Canada. Luckily, just like in the movie, there are people and organizations that are willing to step up and band together to protect the freedoms we currently enjoy. With today’s technology and global economy, it is easy for people to band together and stand up for what they believe in.

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