Did Apple Just Make its First Software Mistake? (iOS 5 Battery Drain)

Thankfully, as a jailbreaker, I tend to wait before updating to Apple’s latest iOS releases until the new OS is jailbroken. Normally this can be a pain as it can sometimes take over a month for a proper jailbreak. However, this time it seems to have been a blessing in disguise as I was saved from all of the problems that have come with iOS 5.

Apple is well-known for the polish it puts into its products. It is the main reason why they implement features that have already been available on other systems long before. Unfortunately, it seems that they rushed iOS 5 to market because it has been causing nothing but problems for consumers.

The problems with iOS 5 are many but one of the major complaints has been battery life. The battery drain issue is a huge concern, rendering any phone running the OS dead in as little as 4 hours. Apple released an update, iOS 5.0.1, to address these issues but it seems they just made the problems worse.

The new 5.0.1 release has been reported to cause the same or worse battery problems, removed the ability to download apps OTA as well as various sync issues. Gizmodo wrote an article that outlines the issues consumers have been complaining about.apple-software-mistake-battery-drain-ios-5

The question is, what will Apple do? They have to act fast to fix the issue before their blemish-free image is, well, blemished. Obviously it is extremely important for Apple to test its software even more thoroughly before releasing it.

The lesson here is to try and hold off on updating – whether it be to wait for the jailbreak or just to be sure all the bugs are taken care of. Apple must be held to a higher-standard – a standard they set for themselves.

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