Canada is the Best Country. Period.

A recent article in Canadian Business establishes, with heaps of evidence, that Canada is the best country in the world. I concur. The article focuses on why Canada is the best place to do business but many of the points raised make it clear that Canada is the best place, in all respects. Let’s take a look at some of the hard numbers presented:

Canada has been ranked #1 internationally for reputation.

Canada has been ranked #1 for international brand.

86% of Canadians believe Canada is the best country in the world.

Canadian households have a net worth of US$122,260, versus US$93,100 in the States.

See below for a full list of what makes Canada the best in the world

Canada is the best place on earth. A large number of factors determine our place at the top such as the liveability of our cities, where we rank on the Human Development Index (HDI), and our overall wealth. For years we have topped independent studies of dominance in these areas and more, but what has really set us apart – and put us on a pedestal on the international stage – is our performance as a nation during the recent recession.

The recession was tough on everyone; no one is going to say otherwise. However, it’s no secret that Canada fared better than most. We avoided a national implosion through a combination of our robust banking/financial system, our powerful hedged economy and our innate ability to weather a storm (literally and figuratively). As a result, we are now the envy of countries across the globe with our reputation beginning to grow as big as the massive land we sit on.canada-best-country

Canadians have little to complain about as this great country has continued to treat us well decade after decade, however, like never before, Canada is now positioned to take a much bigger role on the world stage. Part of our success has been to sit quietly in the background and enjoy our prosperity, but it is now time to give back to the world and take on the world leadership we deserve. We have the resources (natural and otherwise) to become a much bigger player globally and the everyday Canadian can stand to benefit from this globalization.

According to Joanna Pachner, writing for Canadian business, Canada has a number of opportunities ahead to become an economic super power. Our reputation can take us many places, particularly in proven industries like finance which Pachner sees as a Canadian strength. Combined with our vast resources (Canada is estimated to have 13% of all undiscovered oil in the world) and business prowess (Canada is taking on a much larger role globally with various trade deals in the works) Canada is poised to become the country-to-be.

Why Canada is the best country. Period.

  • Enormous and gorgeous (albeit cold) land
  • Powerful economy
  • Highly ranked on the HDI
  • Resource-rich
  • World-renowned educational system
  • Sound infrastructure
  • High net worth
  • Strong financial/banking system
  • Highly-coveted healthcare system
  • Business-friendly & investment-friendly environment
  • Technologically advanced
  • Large talent pool (particularly per capita)
  • Stable political environment (not a circus like U.S. politics)

My hope in writing this article is that Canadians will be more proud than ever. We are modest by design but it is okay to embrace our success sometimes. More importantly though, is to love the country that has given you so much; and when you’re done being modest – let’s take the world by storm.

Update: additional charts that clearly show Canada as a favourable country to live in across many different categories of measure. Very impressive!

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13 thoughts on “Canada is the Best Country. Period.

  1. Go tell that to the folks sleeping in the park because shelters are overcrowded and dangerous. Or tell it to the folks in the shelter, who are there either because they got cut off welfare or they can’t afford the sky high rent in Canada’s big cities. Canada used to be a place where everyone lived well, and we’ve lost that. Whoever wrote this article is either willfully blind or perhaps living in the past.

    1. Easy now, you are awfully rude for a Canadian. Canada isn’t PERFECT, nothing is. Relatively speaking, however, we are much better off than just about every single other nation in the world. We should be thankful for what we have and not rudely disrespect our country when it is ahead of almost all in the world. I don’t know where you came from, but it certainly wasn’t Canada.

  2. David, I was born in Canada and lived here all my life. In fact my family has been here for more generations than I can count. So thank you for proving that you don’t know what you are talking about.

    You look like you are barely out of diapers and you’re such an expert on Canada. I know the paradise Canada was before the immigrant hordes took over. We actually housed people back then, and by that I mean everyone. Probably hard for you to imagine. All working people could afford to buy a home in the big cities, unlike today, and in general everyone lived well – unlike today.

    It’s too bad you can’t take a little criticism, but you do have a pretty simplistic understanding of Canada.

    1. “Ashamed Canadian.” Firstly I cannot dispute your family history, nor should I have to. However, here is a little insight into my family history.

      My family has royal blood through it. We “were” related to one of the three kings of Scotland. Through this blood, we are actually related to the Queen of England. Through a very long and very old bloodline. However, this is not to impress you. Nor should you be. Lets continue. Some of of family made the trip over to Canada. We were one of the first people over from England. We have a monument to my family on the east coast. A college in my families name in Manitoba. (Unoccupied at the moment. Nobody wants to run it.) My great grandfather was the first Pharmacist in all of BC. Where I now currently reside. You amazed yet? No, well good.

      The point is: I’m proud of my family history. However, that’s not what makes me love my country. Part of my family came here. They left their royal ties, and came here. Here, being Canada. Perhaps wealth brought them here. Who knows, and who truly cares. What amazes me, is that my family is still here. To this day, my family resides in every single province in Canada.

      As for me. A humble B.C. boy. I make minimum wage at a truck stop. I live on my own, with no outside income. I work for everything I own. Just as every individual does in this country.

      Oh so all those people saying minimum wage isn’t enough? Yea they’re completely full of it. I live in the most expensive province in Canada. I make 10.25, with a tax of 12 percent. Someone on welfare makes just under what I make working full time. I have enough to live, to buy anything I want within reason. I also own a car, pay hydro, insurance, t.v. internet, rent, gas, food. All of that paid for by minimum wage. You know that thing, that people complain about across Canada? That thing most countries don’t have.

      Yes jobs, are not easy to come by. Yet every, EVERY province and territory, as locations for job hunting. They will literally set you up, with a job Councillor to help. Welfare is not a long term excuse. Yes its needed at times. Yet, some people live off it. That isn’t what welfare is for. Its to help you back on your feet.

      So here’s a little knowledge for you: A lot of people who live in on the streets, want to live on the streets. You don’t believe me. Grab a pair of balls and go ask a bunch of them. A bunch being more then 2. You would be completely surprised. A very large amount of homeless are addicted to drugs. You ever give a druggie 10 bucks? Think he buys food? You would be naive if you thought that. You can only do so much for someone addicted. If they don’t want to stop, you won’t be able to make them. Enough said. Sometimes people do put themselves in these situations. There is help all over the place, for people on drugs. Yet they need to come in themselves. Someone who lives on the streets, also has a tough time trusting people. They’re no inclined to ask for things either. Sometimes they need to make the initiative and step outside there bubble. That’s what being a grown up is all about.

      You also state “everyone” was housed. You make a statement of David’s youth in the same paragraph. Most adults, should know not to use absolutes. EVER! Are you a mathematician? A professor? “I” doubt it. We can say there is an increase in homeless people. However, two things. Firstly the percentage per person to capital hasn’t changed all that much. Two, trust is a big factor. Hitch hiking was not frowned upon as much as it is today. “Back then” people could trust one another. Three, there is more help now today, for any single individual then there was yesterday. Why? what are you looking for? Everything they could ever need is available free of charge. Certified professionals.

      How do I know this. I needed some help getting back on my feet. So I lived in my car for a while. Looked for shelters, jobs etc. It wasn’t easy, but all the help is there. I have NEVER been on welfare. Although I admit I did try, for housing assistance. However, given that I am healthy I was unable to get any. It seems unless your a female, sick, an addict, abused among other things It is next to impossible to get welfare. So perhaps if that’s what you meant, I’ll agree with you some what.

      I work with a ton of people; who just immigrated, and can’t speak a word of English. Funny thing is, what stops them from getting better jobs. They admit to me, it’s hard to leave your home, and meet new people in a new country. They’re absolutely right. Probably why, someone as ignorant as you. Hasn’t left Canada yet. You are scared to leave to the unknown. I don’t hold that against you either. Despite joining the military in April. I am just as scared to leave my home. After all, we’re very lucking to have fresh water, minimum wage, health care, dentists, shelters, welfare, student loans, among a lot of other things.

      It is so easy to complain about what we have; when you know so little of the rest of the world.

      Word of advice. Don’t label someone a “kid.” It makes you sound ignorant, and completely childish yourself. What point are you trying to prove? He’s naive? Aren’t we all. Things aren’t perfect any where. Like he said, but what makes him more mature then you. Isn’t that he’s patriotic, its that he knows what he’s got, and how lucky he is. Regardless of how much he makes. That show’s maturity, on a very high level. The geniuses of today, still have trouble doing that.

      This isn’t directed as hate mail towards you. Only an insightful though. You need not reply, your choice. However, I plead you to take this all to heart. Even if you don’t agree with it all. One can never truly be at ease in our young lives.

      Age is irrelevant. I am 21, I don’t know everything. I want to, but I don’t. I also don’t want to know everything. “I” you’ll understand that, but one day you will. When that day comes, be happy. Enlightenment.

      Proudly Canadian


      1. Wonderfully said! I am so proud to be a Canadian and so happy to be living in this country. I’m glad that there are other Canadians out there who feel as lucky as I am. 🙂

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