Google+ App is Surprisingly Awesome

IMG_3713Do you remember Google+? That social media site that no one uses? Me neither. I just thought I would take a moment to point out the fact that the app for this unknown social network is actually amazing. I wish some other social apps *cough* Facebook *cough* would implement some of these amazing features.

Firstly, the Google+ app is downright gorgeous. Images look amazing and automatically load and fall into view as you scroll. The entire interface drips of polish – of course I am using the iOS version, so I cannot speak to the Android version.

The interface is also extremely intuitive, and despite the initial confusion, the +1 button seems to be a simple way to express sentiment for a post. Navigating throughout the menus is also smooth and simple although I did notice some performance issues when I tried to view my photos. It was my first time viewing them on the app though, so perhaps the speed would improve.

And thus concludes this short post. I just wanted to take a moment to express my surprise with the quality of the Google+ app. It makes me wish certain 10 billion dollar companies would get with the times and add more polish to their app. The Facebook app has actually stayed very stagnant for quite some time with only minor functionality changes from time to time. Google+ has made its move; too bad no one seems to care.


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