Optimism: Forget What You Hear, Remember What You Have

Optimism is something we could each use just about everyday. Unfortunately, the media is always pressing us to think negative with their onslaught of depressing and negative news stories. If the news is your only source of information, you probably think that the world is going to end any day now.

I thought I would take a moment to share a great quote from a recent article in Wired that lends an optimistic perspective on the world today.

Greenwald: How do you maintain your optimism amid the deadening barrage of bad news from around the globe?

Diamandis: Our brains are wired to look for negative information. The amygdala is the danger center. Our senses are routed through it before they get to the cortex. When we heard a rustle in the branches, we thought tiger, not wind. That’s why, in the news, if it bleeds it leads. But the facts are absolutely clear. The world is getting better at an extraordinary rate. The technologies available for solving problems are becoming more powerful and empowering more people. optimism-closeWill there be problems? Disasters? Pandemics? Terrorist attacks? Of course. But humanity picks up and keeps moving. In this country, lifespans nearly doubled in the last century. Per capita income more than tripled, and the cost of food, energy, transportation, and communications have dropped exponentially. That’s my source of optimism. That and a realization I made early on that if there’s a problem, I’m going to solve it. Once you see the world that way, it’s a different place.

The more of the story being, of course, that we are at an all time innovative high around the globe and that, even though things may seem tough, ultimately we have more tools today to help ourselves than that in the sum of all history.

Happy Canada day! Let’s celebrate the best country in the world!

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