Ars Technica Sets the Standard for Mobile Sites and Design

ars-technica-sets-mobile-site-standardMobile is the buzz bouncing around the entire digital industry these days, whether it is web design, advertising or telecommunications, everyone is concerned with mobile – and they should be.

Now that everyone and their brother has a mobile phone, it is increasingly important to make sure that your website is well optimized for a small screen. That can be accomplished by designing your site in such a way that it dynamically resizes for smaller screens or create a separate mobile site perfectly optimized for mobile devices (usually the better alternative). Despite the importance of mobile sites these days, many companies are still far behind with horrible mobile sites, if any at all.

Ars Technica is not one them.

The Ars Technica website has always been gorgeous (okay not always) but their latest redesign easily makes it one of my favourite websites to visit. Below I have included some photos of the mobile site taken from my iPhone. Let me know in the comments below if you can think of other amazing mobile sites. I’ll add them as an honourable mention if they compare with Ars Technica.


The layout is simple, the colours balanced and the typography is brilliant. The experience is so smooth that I consistently find myself browsing through looking for new articles after I have already read everything that was posted in the last week!

Ars Technica sets a high standard for mobile web design but a standard that every website should be aiming for. As content consumption shifts to mobile devices, it is a short-sighted move not to have an elegant mobile site. Not all websites seem to understand this (ahem, College Humour, ahem) with some content being inaccessible on mobile or so poorly presented that it may as well be inaccessible.

I look forward to a bright future of awesome mobile sites that are as much a joy to use as Ars Technica.


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