Too Many Ads Before the Movies – Cineplex

Too much advertisingI am a frequent moviegoer, seeing over 52 movies a year with a passion for almost all genres except “Chick Flicks”. Unlike my unwavering love for movies, however, my love for Cineplex has been a roller coaster ride of ups and downs recently.

I wrote previously about the not-so sneaky introduction of advertising in TimePlay, and later wrote about how they fixed the situation by removing the ridiculous advertising and made TimePlay awesome. However, they have recently taken a step back by introducing heavy advertising before the movie begins. I realize that movie theaters probably aren’t doing so well these days with piracy rates going up but by introducing too many advertisements before the movies, they risk alienating what audience they have left and stressing relationships with loyal customers like myself.

As far back as I can remember theaters had advertisements before the movies but Cineplex has recently taken it to a whole new level – some movies starting with up to 12 advertisements! Going to the movies isn’t cheap. People will begin to get very upset with the fact that they’re paying top dollar to see movies when they’re released only to be bombarded by more advertisements than watching movies any other way. So now the options are to see the movie in a theater while watching an abundance of advertisements, or download the movie in the comfort of your home and have no advertisements. Which option do you think will be more popular?

What makes the situation even more insane, is the fact that movie previews are already built in advertisements. So not only do you spend several minutes watching ads for other movies but you must also spend many more minutes being spammed over and over again with additional ads. And don’t even get me started about the annoyance of seeing the same ads over and over — made excruciating because of how frequently I go to the movies. It was a slight annoyance before when there were only a couple ads for each movie but now the number of ads has become intolerable.

The worst situation was when I went to see The Hobbit recently. My fiancée and I actually counted the number of ads and we got to 12 – give or take, we somewhat lost count. We just sat there in astonishment as ad was followed by ad for what seemed like an eternity. Since then we saw one more movie and although there were fewer ads, there were still way more than in the past (probably double).

Cineplex, I want to love you like I used to but you’re making it very hard right now. We may have to see different people. It’s not me, it’s you.

5 thoughts on “Too Many Ads Before the Movies – Cineplex

  1. I remember when Cineplex DIDN’T show advertisements before the film. It was “This is Cineplex Odeon,” “Coming Attractions,” “Feature Fim.” Bang-bang-bang.
    Just wait until commercials start running during the reel changes.

    1. There are no longer reels or reel changes… If there were nothing on the screen prior to movie start times, you would get up and complain. I see it all the time. People get up from their chairs and head into the lobby to complain “there are no ads or pre-show on the screen”… If the scheduled show time is 7pm then that is when the trailers begin so wait until then. Who cares what you watch the 15 or so minutes you are sitting there? How does that ruin your film experience? Some people just want to complain!

      1. That is not true PCT. In Cineplex the ads start at the “movie start time”. So if the movie is supposed to start at 7, the ads will begin at 7, followed by the trailers and finally the movie. So it is a big deal. To avoid it, you would have to show up to the theatre 5-10 minutes after the start time, hope you find a decent seat or sit there and watch ads before the movie you just paid $10 to see. Ads in the pre-show are not an issue.

  2. I couldn’t agree more , we just paid 50$ to watch Jack the Giant Slayer, got to the theatre 5 min prior to 7pm showing and had to watch at least a dozen pre show advertisements , followed by movie trailers and then more adverts. It’s gotten completely insane. I don’t think it’s fair or politically correct to make paying guests sit through mindless, and often pathetic attempts at taking more of our dollars.
    Makes me wonder if the CRTC should get involved…something terrible is happening to what was once an incredibly fun experience for the entire family. Okay, I’m going back to eating my 20$ bag of popcorn!

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