Kindle Paperwhite Review: Now Available in Canada

The Kindle Paperwhite (now available in Canada) is the first eBook reader I have ever owned and, while I may not be able to directly compare it to previous generations, I can certainly testify to how great this iteration is overall.

If you do not yet have an eBook reader, get one. They are ridiculously convenient and very affordable. When you do decide to get an eBook reader, make it a Kindle Paperwhite or Kobo Glo. After performing extensive research, I came to the conclusion that the Kindle Paperwhite beats out the Glo primarily based on book selection and the Amazon ecosystem, otherwise they are fairly comparable. The Kobo Glo device itself may be more polished overall.

The Kindle Paperwhite is basically flawless; it incorporates all of the things that have made the Kindle the leading eBook reader and made it better. The e-ink technology is incredible, perfectly replicating the printed word. What makes the Paperwhite stand out, however, is the back-lit display (hence the name). Now you can read books more conveniently than ever — no external light sources required, and, unlike devices with glossy screens, the Kindle Paperwhite still reads perfectly in direct sunlight.

So what are its flaws? It is hard to find many but there are a few. Ghosting (remnants of the previously displayed page/image) can be found from time to time unless you set the device to refresh the screen after each page turn and the ghosting makes browsing the web or Amazon store somewhat painful.

Kindle Paperwhite Review vs. Kobo Glo

More importantly though, it seems Amazon cheaped-out on the backlight. Unlike the Kobo Glo, the Paperwhite does not have an evenly lit screen. It is hard to notice in moderate room lighting but when reading in a dark room it is easy to notice the shadows created by the placement of the LEDs towards the bottom of the screen. It seems they could have avoided this distracting effect by adding more LEDs to eliminate the shadows in between, but alas, we are left to deal with it.

Overall though, I could not be happier! I just downloaded the entire Sherlock Holmes collection, that I own in 2 massive tomes in paperback, for a total of $4. The best part is that I can now read across devices including on my iPhone. So I can read on my Kindle and then pick up right from where I left off on the Kindle app on my phone. Very convenient

I waited this long to buy an e-reader and presumably so have many of you. Now is the time to make the jump!

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