Beheader (Vince Li) Gets Off Scot-Free

Vince Li, the guy who beheaded Tim McLean on a greyhound in 2009 and then proceeded to EAT HIM, is slowly working his way to freedom after spending some time in a psych ward. Would you want that guy in your neighbourhood or strolling your local beaches?

According to CBC news, Vince Li, the infamous Greyhound beheader, was deemed not criminally responsible for the beheading of Tim McLean back in 2009. He was sentenced to a psychiatric hospital where he was initially kept in a locked wing but has since been given increasing privileges. Vince will soon be granted permission to go on escorted trips into town and nearby beaches.

Most people in the comments agree that this man, insane or not, poses a very real and intense threat to the public. Even if there is only a 0.1% chance that he will BEHEAD SOMEONE AND EAT THEM, that is obviously too much.

Tim McLean - Vince Li - Beheading

Initially he will be escorted as he ventures away from the hospital, however, he will certainly be released completely in a few years — certainly more than 2 human lifetimes too early for a man of his capacity. There comes a point where the justice system should be about more than just punishment. Even if he was insane when he KILLED AND ATE A MAN he should never be deemed safe to interact with the public.

If I ever BEHEAD AND EAT SOMEONE, you have full permission to end my existence immediately. Barring that, please don’t let me back into society.

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