Twist Jar Innovation! The Jar-with-a-Twist

Every once and a while a product comes along that seems so obvious, yet has inexplicably not hit the market. On that note, I introduce to you, in all it’s glory: The Twist-Jar, called Jar-with-a-Twist.

This product does not need much of an introduction as everything you need to know about it is in its name. It is a jar with a twist mechanism. That’s it.

As simple as it is, it is not yet on store shelves and I can only hope that it will be soon.

The Jar-with-a-Twist works just like deodorant — as you use up the product you twist the bottom and it pushes more up to the top. Very practical packaging that has, for some reason, been used almost exclusively for deodorant. The twist jar can be used for a variety of foods that are difficult to get out of their containers once they are nearly used-up, like peanut butter and salsa.

It seems like a small thing but as far as mild inconveniences go, trying to dip a chip in salsa left at the bottom of the container is one of the worst! Sure, you could pour the salsa into a bowl, but think about the dishes! The dishes I tell you!

Amazingly, the creators of the twist jar are claiming that they have been able to manufacture it for a mere 3 cents more than the traditional jar, which means that there’s a decent chance we will end up seeing it on store shelves soon. Hopefully the profit-hungry corporations will see it as an opportunity to stand out (in the short term), and they can easily pass on 3 cents cost to the consumer if they want. I would gladly pay an extra 3 cents per jar for this convenience. The creators are bound to get stinking rich if they can license the product too. At 1 cent per jar they will quickly be rolling in cash as these jars come off the line by the millions.

To top it all off, the jar supposedly keeps food fresher too, since the contents are exposed to less air as the product is used up.

What do you think? Brilliant idea, or what?

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