3-Sweep: Mind-boggling 3D Modelling Software | Turning 2-D photos 3-D Automagically

Image manipulation software has been improving at a phenomenal pace — It seems that each week I discover new software performing what seems like magic. The latest software to enter this “super-ridiculously impressive” software category is 3-sweep.

I am no stranger to powerful software such as Photoshop’s new Content Aware features, and yet, as impressive as these new features are, they pale in comparison to 3-Sweep. 3-Sweep allows you to almost instantly create 3-D models of 2-D photos. A few clicks are all that is required to define 2 key dimensions and then a simple mouse drag automagically fills in the 3 dimension, dynamically creating the 3-D model.

You can see 3-Sweep in action below:

As you can see, it appears to be a live demo with 3-D models being created in seconds. I have no idea when this software will be available for public use, and who knows how much it will cost, but one thing is for sure: this software will be a game changer. When powerful tools like this end up in the hands of everyday users, it will be a game-changer.

The “maker movement” has already begun with many people (mostly in Silicon valley for now) building their own products and items using products like the MakerBot. Soon, people will also be able to create elaborate digital items, diagrams and models with minimal effort. This could change everything.

On a scale of 1-10, how impressive do you think 3-Sweep is?


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