Battlefield 4 Review: The Best FPS

Chances are, if you are a gamer and love the first-person shooter genre, you have already played Battlefield 3 or 4. If you have played them already then I am surprised you could peel your eyes away from the screen long enough to read this blog post. You already know this but others don’t: Battlefield is the best FPS, hands down.

Here’s why:

Amazing Teamplay

If you play COD or similar shooters, you have yet to experience the teamplay dynamics created by Battlefield. Balanced classes, an array of awesome gear for each class, and vehicles make teamplay necessary for success. A team working together will almost always win over teams that are playing lone-wolf. If you have played Battlefield solo, you do not understand even half of its potential. Which brings me to . . .


Vehicular combat is one of the biggest differences between Battlefield and other franchises. You actually feel like you are playing on a battlefield because of the intensity vehicles create. Attack boats zoom past you in the water while jets attack helicopters above you, all while you are launching rockets to take down a tank shaking the earth all around you (see the video below for a taste of the action).


Some of the best aspects of Battlefield can also be some of the most annoying for some players. Massive maps, for example, annoy people who are accustomed to playing games like COD. Vehicles can also be annoying if you do not know how to effectively take them out. Thankfully Battlefield is very flexible with game modes and maps to satisfy everyone’s needs.

Vehicle-free “infantry” modes allow you to get in close quarters and duke it out on a scale similar to other first-person shooters. These modes use smaller maps or section off larger maps so you are always in on the action. With a large variety of maps, mods, weapons, vehicles, classes and gear, there is truly something for everyone.


Large visual differences exist between the Ps3/Ps4 and the Xbox 360/Xbox One. The PS3 and Ps4 are more powerful so the games look better (PC even more so, for some). However, even accounting for differences between consoles, Battlefield offers a visual experience that COD cannot even touch. The graphics are far superior and incorporate many more intense elements (read: helicopters ploughing into buildings to incredible effect).


Let’s get this straight: I am not a Battlefield fanboy. There is nothing (other than my wife) that I would support unconditionally. Battlefield is the best FPS from a purely rational point of view. Of course, franchises like COD will always have blind loyalty but hopefully, over time, players will begin to see the light.


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