What Happened to Wired Magazine? Silicon Valley Douchebag Hipsters

Ah, yet another content provider selling-out to try to be “cool”. I recently wrote about what happened to the Discovery Channel and their now complete decline into trash TV, and now Wired Magazine is heading in a similar direction.

I want to preface this rant by saying that I am (was) a huge fan of Wired. As recently as 6 months ago I have said that Wired Magazine is the best magazine out there. It had a balance of tech, science and culture curated for an intellectual reader.

Unfortunately, things have changed and the magazine has begun to nosedive. Wired seems to be focused almost entirely on Silicon Valley douchebag hipsters now, and it is really depressing.

It started off when they wrote about some of these new trends and now, slowly but surely, the hipster culture has taken over Wired. From aspects as obvious as the topics of articles, and products being advertised, to more subtle changes like the overall colour scheme — everything is now retro and it is brutal.

I understand that a significant portion of their subscribers are probably Silicon Valley hipsters, but they are giving up their general focus on tech and science to appeal to this group of douchebags, just like the Discovery Channel did to try and appeal to the mass market.

It is no secret that there is general hatred towards hipsters from pretty much everyone that is not a hipster, so it very unfortunate that Wired would decide to appeal to one segment of their audience while alienating the rest.

I haven’t cancelled my subscription yet because I am hoping this is just a “phase” that Wired will get through soon. I thought desperate “individuals” would have moved on to the next trend by now and that Wired would have moved on as well.

Wired, I beg of you, please correct your flight path!

Bonus: collection of ridiculous hipsters


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2 thoughts on “What Happened to Wired Magazine? Silicon Valley Douchebag Hipsters

  1. I completely agree. I have read, and followed wired articles for ages. Lately it seems to be the same regurgitated nonsense, articles that literally seem like duplicates with different titles.

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