Is the Nintendo 3DS a Bust?

Whenever, I am truly interested in something, I tend to do a lot of research on it. Needless to say, when Nintendo announced the launch of their next big thing – the Nintendo 3DS – I never stopped reading about it (partially due to interest, and partially because the news was inescapably everywhere).


Haven’t heard about the 3DS? Have you been living under a rock?


I am certainly not going to get into a full review here, as they are very easily found via a Google search. If you want all the nitty-gritty details, see IGN’s Review.What I will cover here is my overall opinion and a summary of the neat little device.

  1. The 3D is great

    I was lucky enough to get a chance to test out the device days before it came out and was very impressed with the 3D. I played around with some 3D pictures I took with the 3DS and they looked awesome too

  2. The 3D is limited

    Apart from the fact that not all of the games for the device will fully utilize the 3D to its potential, it is still really neat. However, you will likely find yourself turning off the 3D a lot to avoid headaches and to avoid having to deal with the very narrow viewing angle with which you can actually see the 3D (reiterate: the viewing angle is VERY small)

  3. The games are crap

    The 3DS has some great potential given how good the 3D actually looks, unfortunately most of the games available as of its release fail to impress. Pilot Wings may be the only game released that truly makes good use of 3D. Most of the other games were unimpressive or targeted towards young children (with Street Fighter as a possible exception)

  4. It’s expensive as hell

    When your options are to pay $299 for a PS3 (which is a powerhouse console that includes a Blu-Ray player) and $250 for a 3DS the correct choice is obvious. Also, games will be priced around the $50 mark, only $10 less than console games . . . That being said, if you already own all the consoles you want and are currently reading this article in a bathtub full of money – you might as well run out and pick it up.

Okay, so after all that it probably looks like I think it was a bust. For the most part, now, I think it is. However, I do realize that it has a ton of potential with future improvements. As the games get better and the price drops, it will certainly start looking very pretty. I definitely think Nintendo is on to something here but in the meantime I await the next iteration.

Have you run out and purchased one yet? If not, why?