The Canadian Election–We Should All Be Swing Voters

I am going out on a limb here – talking politics is always dangerous – but I am hoping what I present here will make sense to everyone, regardless of their party allegiance.


There are two major concepts I want to talk about here:

1. The importance of unbiased voting

2. The importance of focusing on key issues and avoid flame issues


The Importance of Unbiased Voting

Like most people, I try to avoid getting into a political discussion. Why? Primarily because it is completely pointless. It is almost as pointless as trying to change someone’s mind about their religion. Many people fail to judge political parties fairly.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that I am without bias. It is almost impossible to be completely impartial – but it is extremely important that you try. When I was younger, for example, my political allegiance reflected that of my parents and it is common for these allegiances to carry through long after children have grown up to make their own decisions. It is important that each and every person takes a hard look at the reason why they are voting for a particular party and can fully justify it – with substantial concrete evidence. Of course, when voting, it is always choosing the lesser of the available evils Smile with tongue out

For this reason, I believe that each and every person should be a swing voter. Someone who changes their vote each year, if the situation calls for it. No one should know who they are voting for until they have fully digested the information available to them.

Are you a swing voter? Or is your skin permanently died a certain colour?


Avoid Flame Issues

When people make up their minds about who to vote for, it should not be based on flame issues like abortion or personal attacks, it should be about the overall platform and the issues that influence everyone in the country as a whole. Unfortunately, politicians cleverly use these flame issues to steer Canadians in one way or another. Politicians are reinforced to behave in this way because, above all else, it works! Why spend time talking about such boring issues like the specifics on how they will be creating jobs and improving the economy when all they have to do is focus on attacking each other and circling a few flame issues.

Did anybody learn anything from today’s election debate? I am not sure I could hear/see anything with all the mud-slinging.


Even after today’s election debate, I am happy to say I am undecided and will not make up my mind until I have to – until I have to check that box next to the name that I believe represents the party with the best overall platform.