Toronto Maples Leafs Beat the Boston Bruins Playoffs May 4th, 2013 – Maple Leafs Square

You might say that it is not a big deal when a team wins a single playoff game. Maple Leafs fans know the truth — when your team hasn’t had a playoff berth in 9 years, a single playoff win means the world.

It was incredible to be downtown in the heart of the excitement when the Leafs dominated the Bruins in Game 2 of the 2013 playoffs. The crowd outside in Maples Leafs Square was ready for action and man did we get a show.

Kessel’s glorious breakaway goal

Like most teams in the NHL, The Leafs decide to vary their effort each game. During this particular game they were firing on all cylinders — giving it 110%. I’ve never seen anything like it. Every pass connected, every check was finished. Were it not for Rask’s excellent goaltending, the score may have been 8-2 instead of 4-2.

After watching the Jays get spanked earlier in the day, it was nice to see a Toronto team win a game, and they did so with spectacular fashion. The excitement for the final Toronto goal by van Riemsdyk set the square on fire with excitement I have never seen before. It was at that point we knew that the Leafs had won their first playoff game in 9 years.

Go Leafs Go!